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About Sally

I've just done another marketing workshop with suggests that the "about" page should be about my business and what problems it solves for you rather than about me. 

The thing is, like many of us, I AM my business. Who I am, what I've learnt, what I love doing and how I do it are inextricably linked with the services I provide. 

I have been a story writer, and a story teller my entire life. Treasured books from my childhood also have my own stories, written by my 5 year old hand, in all the fly leaves and around the margins of every page.

Before I could write I was already reciting texts I'd memorized for anyone who would listen.  I won a lot of public speaking awards in high school. Until I had my children theatre was a huge part of my life and I even represented Australia at an international drama festival back in 1985. 

I was married the following year, in the dress featured below, which no longer fits me.


Before I joined the wedding industry I'd been:

  • A shop assistant

  • An engineering student

  • A payroll clerk

  • An accounts clerk

  • An actor

  • A dressmaker tutor

  • A quilt designer and tutor

  • A tour guide

  • and for the last 16 years an office manager and bookkeeper (I even have a piece of paper for that!)

That 16 years, working first in manufacturing, then for structural engineers in the construction industry, taught me a lot about workflows, planning and tech. 

Whenever my boss bought any new software he'd install it on my computer first and then once I'd worked out how to use it I'd teach the engineers. 

And here's the thing......

  • Sometimes I write wedding words for the fun of it, even when I don't know when they'll be needed, if ever.

  • Sometimes I set up whole systems on free trials of new software just because I enjoy nutting things out, even if I don't need the program.

  • Over the years I've shared a lot of my expertise with other celebrants, all of whom have encouraged me to take this to the next level.

  • Now that I'm a full-time entree-prennewer it seems illogical not to share those skills, nuture other creative souls and make a couple of bucks at the same time.

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