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Get back the hours you've been wasting and spend them on things that bring you joy!

You need some time back!

You want the ease of automations and a great client experience with a system that takes care of the icky or repetitive tasks. You want to enjoy your business again.​


You’ve tried other systems, or even tried to get something like Studio Ninja up and running efficiently by yourself but you feel defeated because there aren’t enough hours in the day to learn all the things.


Maybe you've already signed up to Studio Ninja but you haven't got round to setting it all up so now you feel guilty that you’ve paid good money for something you’re not using properly.


No idea what I'm talking about? Relax, because there’s good news incoming.


The thought is always in the back of your mind that once you have a system you really will have more time to enjoy the fun stuff. More time for your family, more time for yourself and a better experience for your couples.


In the meantime, everyone suffers. Your clients, your family and, most importantly, you.


You need:

  • To automate the emails that are sent to every client (or potential client).

  • Relax knowing that invoices are being tracked and reminders sent out without you opening your mail program.

  • See what money is due in that month at a glance and, on the same screen, see a list of tasks due for each couple, wherever they’re at in the process.

  • A place for couples to sign your contracts and complete your questionnaires that you can both access at any time.

  • STUDIO NINJA does all this and more.


To make it even easier, you need someone who knows what they’re doing to configure this game-changing software to suit your unique processes while you reap the benefits almost immediately.


How good would that feel?


Welcome to:


This is for you if:

  • You're exhausted from juggling your business with your home life and really need a helping hand to streamline everything

  • You're struggling to keep up with new enquiries, existing clients, and need to save time somehow

  • You know that automating some of this would be fab,  but as a creative often struggle getting their head around new tech.

If you want your creative business to be sustainable and scalable in the long term you CANNOT keep putting the boring stuff in your too hard basket  Or ignoring systems and tools that will make your business more fun and less work because you don't have time set them up or learn how to use them.


Give yourself the freedom to create and serve clients without feeling like a desk jockey or the fun police. Be confident that the task outside of your own comfort zone are being handled with experience and care.

Now that you’ve decided you need Studio Ninja in your life, the quickest and easiest way is to let me set it up for you.


In just two weeks we’ll have your entire client journey from first enquiry to the post-wedding feedback request programmed in and ready to rock and roll.


All the things you’re currently doing manually over and over again will be loaded in AND you’ll have an accurate record of what money is coming in and what the next task is for each couple.

WTF is a Workflow?

If you've never had experience with scheduling and workflows the best first step is to head to the shop and buy my step by step guide for $9. It doesn't matter what system you're using, this is a basic guide on how to work out a workflow.

Because every business is different, because every client journey is unique to your business, and because I’m NOT a marketing guru or a lawyer……


What not to expect:


  • The wording of your client emails.

  • The questions to ask your couples

  • The wording of your contracts.


However, I’ve worked with some of the best in the business and can refer you to the awesome women who have helped me in those areas.


Have the World's best CRM for Wedding Pros set up for you for only $929AUD

Slashed to $699 until June 2024!

Paypal "pay in 4" available at checkout!



I’m worried about automation; will I feel out of control?


Not everything in a workflow has to be automated but some things, like your initial response to an enquiry or an invoice reminder, will really benefit from set and forget. All non-automated tasks show in your to-do list as reminders and you simply edit or personalise an email before pressing “send”.


As a control freak myself, I can assure you this gives you even more control over your processes.


Is this software really worth the money?


It’s a big HELL YEAH from me. I tried a half a dozen other ways to do this on free software and found they didn’t have the all the features that SN offered in one place. Compared with other paid options, this is very affordable.


If you haven’t already purchased it I can hook you up with a discount code for your first year.


Once it’s all set up, how easy is it to use?


Very easy with my guidance. 


What if I get stuck?


In the Studio Ninja Members Facebook group there's always someone there to answer your questions (I hang out there quite a bit). Or just ask me.


Weddings are only one of my side hustles, can I utilize SN for other types of work?


Yep, I do. I have different workflows for my various income streams. This is only one of the reasons why I deliberately haven’t integrated it with my accounts system. I’m happy to chat to you about the other reasons on our call.


Is this the only business support you offer?


HELL NO! I can set up any customer management you fancy, any scheduling tool and any accounts system. I’ve been a bookkeeper for decades and I’ve used every product on the market. New and exciting offers are landing regularly in 2024, but if it’s urgent, let’s chat!

Want to get started?

Want to learn more?

Want to work out if I'm legit?

Bored and lonely?

Already Convinced?

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