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Join our unique writing club for celebrants.

Will you be a Sidekick or a Superhero?

You want everything for your couples to be perfect, unique and original.............


But you are either too run off your feet to give each ceremony your full attention, or you’re newly registered and realise how little the Cert IV actually taught you about putting together something original.


Maybe You’ve tried using a ghostwriter in your busiest moments, maybe you’ve purchased scripts or compendia from other sources but they just don’t strike the right note. They’re probably way too cheesy. Don’t get me started on chatGPT.


You feel a bit isolated some days with absolutely no idea who to turn to for fresh ideas, advice or even a little bit of tweaking to your own work. FB industry groups either bombard you with conflicting opinions or no one answers at all.


You need a community of creative writers, guided by someone who’s been writing stories for decades, to share, support and mentor – or just do the dam thing for you if you’re totally up shit creek.


Fountain Pen

Welcome to:


This is for you if you're:

Hand in Water

A newby celebrant who feels like they've been thrown in at the deep end

Romantic Wedding Ceremony

An old hand seeking fresh ideas

Cleaning the Dishes

Too run off your feet to keep producing quality, original material.

We both know you have great ideas yourself but some couples (not looking at any groom in particular) give you bugger all to go on so where do you start?


Wouldn’t it be fabulous to dip into the group files and pluck out an introduction, a ring exchange or an asking that would work perfectly for Bruce and Delvine and their blended family of 6?


If you’ve got 8 weddings in 4 weeks coming up for May (or September) but you still work 4 days a week and have three kids (aged 2, 4 and 33) demanding your time. Imagine if you could outsource some of the heavy lifting with a few clicks how much more time you’ll have to do the important things.


Maybe Tara and Jayne are obsessed with Brooklyn 99 and want as much of the tv show referenced in their ceremony as possible…. WTF???? Relax, Aunty Sal has your back.


Then there’s Jarryd & Sarah, who will be the THIRD couple who were guests at a wedding last year that have booked you. THAT’S AWESOME… but you really can’t afford to repeat the same welcome or ring thing or blessing that you’ve done at the other two. Half the room will be able to recite it along with you and I know you don’t wanna lose all that cred you’ve been building up in your small town.

Wedwords is a multi-level membership which can be cancelled, upgraded or downgraded at any time with no contracts or expectations.  


All members have access to our private forum right here on the site and fortnightly group chats, with high level members also getting 1:1 access to me each month.


All members will be given a unique discount code to use across any products or services on my website but obviously the top tier gets the biggest one! 😊

Your questions and answers won’t get lost in the doom scrolling because logging in and interacting with the forum will be intentional. You can do it when you have time and headspace; and always be able to find a post because they will be categorized and in date order.


Every month I will upload a new piece of content to the Swipe Files. Various ceremony elements, wording for rituals and well-crafted paragraphs you can incorporate into your own work.


Every month we’ll do a live Q&A where we can workshop ideas or just pick my brains. As we move on, I’d love to start having guest presenters as well.


Superhero members also get access to an exclusive Whatsapp group and an hour of my time each month just for them. Use me to

  • Review your own work, or

  • Research your couple’s interest and find quotes/readings, or

  • Write a section of original material for you

  • Take your script and write the jokes (I have a client I do this for regularly)


And of course, a discount across all of my one-off services and downloadable purchases, including ghostwriting.


When I trained I was given an example of what had to be done in a ceremony and I accepted that.


Once I became a part of this wonderful, celebratory community we call the wedding industry I realised that was not the case.


Careful study of The Guidelines proved that quite a few things I was taught we “had” to do were merely “how to copy a church wedding”.


The other thing I did was purchase a big volume of collected writing from a well established celebrant to use for inspo but I found it well less than inspiring. It was dated, traditional and very, very cheesy. I was delighted to break that mold.


I began ghostwriting about a year ago and have quite a few regular clients. Obviously all reviews for this service are anonymous; here’s the most recent one.


OMG Loved reading this, you did an amazing job. I am so grateful....and if you're interested I've got plenty more work coming your way if your keen...


Are you keen? Here’s what I’m offering.

Wedwords; Sidekick

  • Exclusive Members Forum

  • Monthly Swipe Files

  • Fortnightly Group Coaching

  • 10% off all Products & Services (except monthly plans)

Wedwords; Superhero

  • Exclusive Members Forum

  • Monthly Swipe Files

  • Fortnightly Group Coaching

  • 20% off all Products & Services (except monthly plans)

  • 1 hour a month of my time exclusively for you

  • Private Whatsapp group for quick and dirty inspo

Sign up to a plan today and you can cancel at any time from your membership page without having to give notice in writing so no flaming hoops to jump through if you decide it’s not for you after a few weeks.


Because I hate the idea of locking us (you or me) in for a whole year, the price I offer has the yearly discount already applied. Those who sign up now will be locked into the introductory price for life.


You have your own membership login to my site which gives you access to the forum and the share files.


After joining I will send you your unique discount code to use anywhere at anytime, every time you checkout from my store.


Group Q&A’s will be scheduled for:

10am (Qld GMT+10) on the 1st Tuesday

7pm (Qld GMT+10) on the 3rd Thursday

They are hosted off site but with a permanent link that gets you into the Wedwords Room so when it arrives, bookmark it!


Private sessions are booked online with a variety of availability to suit time zones and lifestyles. You’ll be sent a link on the 20th of each month to lock in your time for the month ahead. Just like in the bad old days when we bought phone credit at the 7-Eleven - your 1:1 time isn't transferred to the next month; that's why I offer plenty of availability and more options than just a real-time meeting.

The foundation member price, for the lucky ones who come on board now, is 
Sidekick for $27AUD/month or
Superhero for $97AUD/month.
This bargain introductory offer won’t last long.

I'm not sure if I have time for another group or membership!

Not having time is one of the reasons I’m creating the group. Having swipeable content on hand will save you a lot of time in peak wedding season, as will getting regular feedback on your own work. In the 2nd tier you can use your 1:1 time to just get me to write something for you or research your couples’ interests for inclusions in their ceremony. I'll save you hours of brainstorming with my quick witted solutions, plus regular discounts all my digital products and services, including ghostwriting.

What if I can’t make the group sessions?

All the group sessions will be recorded and links sent to you.


How will I remember to use my monthly 1:1?

You’ll be sent a booking link on the 20th of every month with reminders on the 25th and 30th. The 1:1 doesn’t have to be on a video call, you can send me a task to do for you or a piece of writing for review if you prefer.


Does my member’s discount apply to everything on your site?

Almost. Every pdf download, every “done for you” service including tech stuff, one off services and ghostwriting, but you can’t use the voucher code to upgrade from or buy any of my monthly plans, soz.


Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely. You are not locked in ever, so long as you cancel your subscription before the next billing cycle. BUT the price will probably be higher when you want to come back in.


Your only real choice is whether you want to be a Sidekick or a Superhero.

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